Posted by: Average Joe | September 6, 2012

Here’s a Switch: 80 Percent of Junk DNA Has Function

RTB’s Fuz Rana calls it the biggest discovery of his lifetime as a biochemist.

A massive new DNA research project called ENCODE has dramatically increased understanding of the human genome and may revolutionize human biology. Scientists have discovered that 80 percent of DNA that had been dismissed as “junk” plays a crucial role in how the body works. Their voluminous research, amassed in 40 papers by 32 labs and hundreds of scientists, is considered a medical and scientific breakthrough because of its implications for human health.

Millions of gene controlling switches that reside in DNA classified as junk are responsible for determining what becomes of a cell. These switches act as a genetic operating system that will help researchers understand how diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, and hundreds of others develop.

According to Fuz, this breakthrough:

• Represents rapid progress––just over a decade––in genetic understanding made possible by considerable scientific research and computing power
• Challenges one of evolution’s strongest arguments; namely, that vast portions of the human genome consist of junk (nonfunctional) DNA that results from common ancestry
• Promises insight into the onset, treatment, and reversal of debilitating human diseases
• Recognizes work to be done––this is phase two of three––and that outstanding questions remain, such as whether genetic evidence favors common descent or common design

Listen and you’ll be rewarded.



  1. All of us believers, including Hugh Ross and his team, often pray, ‘Lord, I believe, help thou my unbelief’. Seems to me all of these new apologetical advances are doing just that, ‘helping our unbelief’ to GO AWAY!! May God hasten the day!! William Peed, TN big fan of RTB

  2. In that mutations which do naturally take place always produce chaos and disorder, and in that St. Paul teaches us that the things we see and learn about our surroundings clearly point to Gods design as described in His Word, and with ALL the increase of knowledge within just the last century, it never ceases to amaze me how anyone can doubt God. The accuracy of historical prophecy coupled with last-day signs appearing everywhere would be enough to convince me, let alone the vast scientific, archaeological, and biological facts that also line up poetically with the God of the Bible.Study and learn, have ears to hear-that is in the Word also, and with a promise-“Seek and you WILL find.” As for the mysteries, or unknown things of God?
    We’ll have to wait on some of those, maybe when we are “like Him.” Truly we do have enough, have had since Moses wrote the Torah. The key then is to tie our hearts to our minds, and study. The question marks belong with the flawed and often skewed theoretical realm, not with Gods verifiable Word.

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